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Last month I received a call from a distressed homeowner. She needed help with her five bedroom home that had been on the market for 6 months with no offers and no activity. I drove up to a lovely, two-story colonial situated in a quiet neighborhood with like homes. Each home had well-manicured yards. When I walked inside this home I knew exactly why she needed help. This homeowner had taken the word neutral to extremes! Every wall was white, all artwork was gone, every bedroom was lacking color and the living room was void of any furnishings or window treatments. The good news was all the closets and baths were sparkling, the carpet had been replaced and the home smelled fresh and clean. The home owner was ready to have someone help her before she had to lower the asking price again. Eight days later with a little paint and inexpensive, new window treatments, bedspreads, accessories and furniture re-arranging, the house was ready. The same day we finished this home, a contract came from the first couple who saw it!

Ok, so what is the point to all this?  This homeowner was able to get buyers to come in the door because the house had curb appeal, but once inside they were disappointed. This home lacked the WOW factor. There was nothing memorable about this house. Neutral does not have to mean white or beige. When using color, think of those warm soft inviting tones like butter yellow, chilled chardonnay, hot cocoa, and coffee with cream.

Soft colors are inviting and have a big psychological impact on the way the buyer pictures himself in that home. Try using woven throws and toss pillows on your furniture to give it a fresh look that coordinates with the wall colors. Light some fragrant candles and spend your extra dollars on the kitchen, master bedroom and bath. Buy new towels and use a lot of them for color and pizzazz. Save your old towels for everyday use. Eliminate bar soap and replace with attractive pump styles. Clear away most of the items on your kitchen counters and add some pretty ceramic canisters, fresh flowers and set the kitchen table with your best placemats, napkins and dishes. Remove all small area rugs and most importantly, clean like you never cleaned before.

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