Bathroom Staging

Image by Eponabri

Do you have a minute to discuss your bathroom? I’m sure you have the same problem as I do when you are in a hurry.You have painted your face and curled your hair at a breakneck speed to be out the door and arrive at your appointment on time. You may not have the best hairdo around but your face looks good once you get all that mascara off your eye lids. The problem is the bathroom looks like your teenage daughter and three of her friends did extreme makeovers. The good news is nobody is going to see it, right?  Wrong, I have been in homes that were on the market and available for buyers to tour, that had these (Extreme Makeover conditions) and it was not good!

When you have your home on the market, its best to keep all your makeup, rollers, sprays and blow dryers in a basket. You can easily store it before you are out the door. Clear the vanity of any personal belongings like toothpaste, toothbrushes, perfume and bar soap. For the purposes of showing your bathroom in the best possible way, clean it like it’s never been cleaned before. Then fix and caulk any areas that need repair. If your grout is discolored take it out and redo it. Buy some big soft colorful towels and drape them over the towel bar with a contrasting ribbon around them or a curtain tassel… If you put some candles around your tub and a few decorative plants you have created a spa like atmosphere that buyers respond to. Go overboard with the towels and spa accessories it will pay off in the great impression the buyer has of your home.

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