Creating a Comfortable Guest Room

Image by Chego

Image by Chego

Decorating a guest room is a venture that has always been fun for me. In a customer’s home (or even in my own), the guest room takes on the personality of the owners and shows how much they want you to feel welcome.

I would like to talk about a new guest room in a recently finished basement. I wanted this to be a room that felt and looked inviting so I had it painted a soft warm butter yellow. When completed it no longer seemed like a basement, but a cozy inviting space.

I was fortunate to be able to start from scratch with accessories and furniture and decided less was better in a small room. I chose a black metal bed frame that took up visually less space than a queen size wooden bed. Small night stands and a dresser finished the furnishings.

The most essential step was dressing the bed. Think about what would make you feel comfortable in this bed and go for it. Mattress toppers either in down or alternative fibers should be the first layer on the mattress, then top with the best sheets you can afford. This does not necessarily have to be six or eight hundred thread count, but they must feel soft and cool against your skin. Purchase sheets in a contrasting color from your comforter or go with a clean white look. Blankets should be soft and fluffy and look like something you just might want to curl up in with a good book. Make the bed look like it is surrounded by fluff! Lighting in your room should be soft and gentle. I like gold or parchment colored shades and three way light bulbs that give gentle ambient light. Finish your bed with a casual wool or cashmere throw and no one could resist diving in for a cozy nights sleep. Your guests will love the fact that you cared so much about their comfort.

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