The goal of any home or office is not only to make a statement about who you are, but it’s also to draw people in . With an aesthetically pleasing environment, everyone will to want to spend time there as the space makes them feel welcome and comfortable. However, many of us have rooms that fall short of reaching their full potential. In these instances, a fresh and professional perspective from a interior design specialist will be able to create a new found harmony within your home or office. Using multiple design techniques-such as function, flow, lighting, color, and scale-Creative Room Makeovers, can incorporate what you already have to create an exciting new look and feel to your space.

Creative Room Makeovers is a regional interior design and decorating firm based in Fredericksburg, Virginia . We proudly serve the surrounding areas including Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Woodbridge and many more. We love to take items that you already have in your possession to help create spaces which are warm and inviting. We take into consideration the lighting of the space and work to compliment the room with the appropriate combination of color, patterns, and fabrics. This allows redecorating to be a low cost and effective solution for you!

Leslye Cushing, President of Creative Room Makeovers, is a certified professional in redesign, house staging, color and advance decorating. Her skills are essential in assisting you to improve your work or living space in an affordable manner. Her design creativity will impress you as she works to update your space in a fashion you may never have considered.

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