Illusions of Grandeur

Bedroom by Comedy NoseHave you ever seen pictures of beautiful hotel rooms with big beds filled with wonderfully soft linens and pillows? The mattresses are thick and high and the bed spread is luxurious. No need to worry about removing all those pillows to eventually get in this bed because a nice little hotel fairy comes in, removes them and turns down your sheets. She might even leave a chocolate mint on your pillow. You might also see two big comfortable chairs sitting side by side, they are just for the King and Queen to read the Sunday Paper. Wow, this is the life!

Do you think maybe, they want you to be impressed and consider staying at their wonderful hotel again? Are you wondering what this could possibly have to do with staging a home?  There are several things a buyer looks for in a home. A beautiful sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life is tops on the list. When you think about preparing your home for sale, try to create this get away by using a few little tricks of the trade. Invest in a new bedspread and three or four large, over-stuffed bed pillows. Find a spread that is understated in design but rich in color. Pick one or two coordinating colors and“go nuts” with toss pillows. It’s ok to mix stripes and plaids as long as they contain similar colors and vary in the size of print. Freshen up those windows with some coordinating treatments and most importantly, clear out any and all clutter in the room. Keep the bed made everyday, pile on those pillows and add those nice little touches like fresh flowers.

See if somewhere in your house you have two chairs you could move to the master bedroom. You might want to place a small table next to the chairs and arrange a teapot and cups on the table with a good book next to it. Ok, so quess what?You have set the stage to lure buyers into this beautiful room and want it as their very own. When trying to accomplish the ultimate master suite, think about walking into a Five Star Hotel just for the weekend away with your spouse. What would you like to see in that suite? Go for It!

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