The Nose Knows!

What is the one thing that will scare a buyer away as soon as they walk into your home? It’s usually bigger than a breadbox and it has a wet nose that smears the bottom six inches of every window in your house. Multiply that times three and I can hardly see outside if I don’t clean my windows regularly.

Can you relate to this problem? Do you sit on your sofa to read the paper and get up wearing a full coat of hair? Have you walked around thinking you look nice and neat but forgot you sat on the dog’s favorite chair and the back side of you looks like you have been riding a llama for a few hours? If you have visible evidence that animals live in your home (or have taken over your home),  then you need to do just a few things to prepare for selling.

Have a good friend or relative come in your house and really be honest about possible pet odors. Open windows, turn on fans, shampoo your carpet and send those puppies to the groomer for a bath. When you show your home all traces of your animals must vanish.

What I did was take bowls, beds, a 20 pound dog food bag and the pets and drove them around town until the prospective buyer was finished touring my home. Now I wasn’t really trying to deceive anyone, but out of site out of mind.

What you don’t want to do is try to cover the odor by masking it with an over abundance of perfumed candles and sprays. Most people will interpret that as a desperate ploy to hide something. They have found you out! Odor is a deal breaker so don’t limit your potential buyers buy welcoming them with licks, wags and wet noses instead vacuum, shampoo, air out and lightly sent your home to give it a fresh clean smell.

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